Top Reasons Why We Should Remove DRM Protection

Brief Introduction to DRM (Digital Rights Management)

In the previous posts, we’ve already discussed what DRM is and how it digital rights managementactually works. Generally speaking, DRM is a kind of technology adopted by digital media sellers to control the way customers using those files after sale. The particular purpose of DRM is to prevent people from accessing, duplicating, and sharing copyrighted digital files in ways that the owners don’t like them to. As a result, the applying of Digital Rights Management has largely restricted our freedom and rights in enjoying the media content we legally purchased. Therefore, it should probably be modified to Digital Restrictions Management, because it’s not about rights at all, but only restrictions.

Common Restrictions Caused by DRM Protection

Due to DRM technology, we’ve continuously controlled by companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon when using media content bought from them. In order to gain the full ownership of every piece of digital file we legally bought, we think it’s necessary and right to get rid of the DRM protection. We should break the following restrictions brought by DRM once and for all:

* We are restricted to use purchased media contents only on certain devices
* We are not allowed to edit video or audio even we have paid for it
* We are totally controlled by media companies over every aspect of what we can do with their media
* We would lose what we have paid for if the companies decide to stop running the media files
* DRM makes it possible for only few companies to take over the distribution of digital contents in their hands

Top 3 Reasons to Remove DRM from iTunes Media

Like other DRM technologies, the FairPlay DRM developed by Apple has also restricted us from fully enjoying the media we legally purchased from its iTunes store. We are listing the three of the main reasons why we need to remove DRM from iTunes media content as below:

   1. iTunes movies, TVs, audiobooks, ibooks are locked to be played on Apple’s devices only

In order to prevent iTunes customers from copying movies and other media files from iTunes to other non-Apple-approved devices after buying, Apple adopted the FairPlay DRM protection to encrypt its media, including movies, TV shows, ebooks and audiobooks, on iTunes Store.

    2. All iTunes DRM-ed media are restricted from sharing and editing

Apart from the playback restriction caused by iTunes DRM protection, another main reason why we should remove the DRM is that we are not allowed to share iTunes media to any platforms beyond Apple’s approval. Because of the DRM copy protection, we can’t edit the purchased iTunes items even on Apple’s own media editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro. We can’t transfer iTunes content from one account to the other.

    3. iTunes rented movies are expired within 24/48 hours

Restriction becomes even tougher for movies rented from iTunes. Except for the ones mentioned above, the unique restriction applied on iTunes movie rentals is that all rented movies and TV shows are only valid for keeping in 30 days while valid for watching within only 24 hours in US and 48 hours in other countries once started. Once the rentals are expired, they will disappear from iTunes library and we have to rent it again if we want to continue watching.

Bypass DRM from iTunes, Amazon, Audible, BBC Media

itunes drm removal

Since the DRM restriction has lead us with a lot of inconvenience and frustration in enjoying the media files, we’d better get rid of it for good. Here we are glad to introduce some top DRM removal tools for you.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Movies

TunesKit DRM Video Converter (Mac & Windows) is one of the best iTunes video converter which is able to remove DRM lock from iTunes movies and TV shows while converting the protected .m4v to common .mp4 with original quality kept at 20x faster speed.

Remove DRM from iTunes/Audible Audiobooks

TunesKit also has a featured DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac & Windows) developed to unlock DRM from audiobooks that are purchased from iTunes and Audible by converting the DRM-ed M4B, M4A, AA, AAX audiobooks to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and M4A at 30x faster speed.

Remove DRM from iTunes/Amazon/BBC Video and Audio

Another great DRM media converter which is able to convert a variety of different DRM-ed media formats is Aimersoft DRM Media Converter for Windows. It’s able to bypass the DRM from M4V, WMV, ASF downloaded or purchased from iTunes, Windows Media Centre, BBC iPlayer, Xbox Live Store, Amazon Instant Video, Limewire, uTorrent, FrostWire and more.


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