How to Download Free iTunes TV Episodes

free itunes tv shows

Asides from the movie purchases and rentals, iTunes store now also provides some free resources for downloading, including free music and full-length TV episodes by launching a section called “Free on iTunes”. In fact, there was another similar section on iTunes also called “Free on iTunes” that has been existing for years. But unlike the old one which faded away without much fanfare, the new free section is likely to offer new content every week so as to attract more users.

Now let’s start to download those free TV episodes from iTunes store step by step.

Tutorial of Downloading Free iTunes TV Shows

Step 1. Access iTunes Store

Firstly, open the iTunes application on your computer by double-clicking the iTunes app icon. Then click “Music” > “iTunes Store” option on the top of iTunes interface to access to iTunes store.

Step 2. Go to “Free on iTunes” Section

Pull down the store page of Music till you see the “Free on iTunes” section.

Step 3. Find Free iTunes TV Shows

Once you entered the “Free on iTunes” section, you will see the free music and TV shows listed on the page. Then you can select the one you want to download and click to get more info of that free episode.

Step 4. Download Free TV Episodes on iTunes

Now you can start to download the free full-length iTunes TV episodes by clicking the “Get HD” button beside the name of the show.

See, how easy it is to get free TV shows from iTunes. You only need to wait for a while until the episodes are downloaded successfully to your computer.

More Words to You – Watch iTunes Episodes on Non-Apple Devices

After downloading those free iTunes TV shows, you’ll have to do some further actions if you want to watch those free TV shows on non-Apple devices like Android tablets, Smart TVs, non-iTunes media players, etc since iTunes movies and TV shows are locked by Apple’s FairPlay. You can only watch iTunes episodes on Apple-approved devices and software, such as iTunes, QuickTime, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch unless you get rid of the DRM protection from those media files.

Fortunately, there are many tools capable of removing DRM from iTunes TV shows and movies. Among them, the most commonly used one is Requiem, a free iTunes remover to remove DRM from iTunes TV shows, movies, music and books. However, it has stopped upgrading till iTunes 10.6 so that you can only use this iTunes DRM removal freeware on computer running iTunes 10.6 or lower versions. Otherwise, you may have to rely one some shareware like TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter that is specially developed to bypass FairPlay DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows with the original video quality, video and audio tracks and subtitles preserved at super fast 20x speed.


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