Top 3 Useful Tools for iTunes You Can’t Miss

iTunes, as one of the largest online media stores in the world, has been attracting a great amount of users with a wide range of media sources all the time. Sometimes you’ll need the assistance of other tools to get the most out of iTunes. So here in this review, we will recommend three must-have iTunes companions for you to use iTunes better.

#1. SuperSync


This is a high quality and very professional companion that is mostly used by deejays, video mavens and very many people who have made music part of their daily lives. It is a seamless and intuitive app that will allow any person to merge, compare, manage and organize iTunes on a wide variety of platforms including iOS, PC and Mac. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use and very fast in its functioning.

Supported OS: Mac & Windows

#2. iTunes Cleaner


As the name suggests, this app is used for cleaning iTunes and its Windows-based. This cleanup program for iTunes is very professional because it has the capacity of detecting as well as deleting duplicate songs from iTunes. It ensures the available space is used economically with no baggage being allowed. It can easily download music and provide for manual editing when necessary. The cleaner is not only limited to cleaning iTunes alone because it can work on other music folders that include MP4 music library. It encourages good organization of music files in iTunes.

Supported OS: Mac & Windows

#3. TunesKit DRM Media Converter

itunes drm media converter mac

This could be a great assistant for you if you have a lot of iTunes movies in the library which you want to watch on non-Apple devices. It’s the best iTunes DRM remover that is developed to remove DRM lock from iTunes movies and TV shows while converting the M4V to MP4 at 20x faster speed without quality loss. By using TunesKit DRM Video Converter for iTunes, you can freely enjoy any iTunes video on as many media devices as you like.

Supported OS: Mac & Windows


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