3 Easy Ways to Watch DRM-ed iTunes Movies on HDTV


When you bought or rent a movie from iTunes store, you may have the need to watch those the movie on your HDTV with your families. But here comes a problem of the playback. Since iTunes movies are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM, you are not allowed to connect the iTunes movie files to HDTV directly for watching. You’ll need to follow these three solutions introduced in this article to get iTunes DRM-ed movies and TV shows on HDTV for playback.

3 Best Solutions to Play iTunes DRM-ed Movies on HDTV

1. Stream iTunes Movies to HDTV via Apple TV

One of the most common and direct way to watch iTunes DRM-protected movies on Apple TV is to use Apple’s own product, Apple TV, a media streaming device. You can easily launch Apple TV to access the iTunes store to find the desired iTunes movies and TV shows so as to connect them to your HDTV for watching. But in this case, it will cost you around $100 to buy the device. So if you are not about to buy Apple TV, you can refer to the following two methods.

2. Watch iTunes DRM Movies on HDTV via Computer

Another common way to play iTunes DRM videos on a TV is to connect the TV with computer while you are playing the movies using iTunes on your computer. But the condition is that your TV should have a HDMI cable with which it can connect to the computer. In this way, what displays on your computer will simultaneously display on your TV screen. You can then use the remote control of the TV to switch the TV’s input to the proper port and set the graphics adapter and choose TV screen as the primary monitor.

Note: This solution is recommended only when your TV has a HDMI port to connect to computer and your computer is available for using in the meantime. Otherwise, you may switch to the second way below in order to play iTunes movies on TV.

3. Burn iTunes Movies to DVD to Play on HDTV via DVD Player

The last yet most effective way to play iTunes movies on TV without Apple TV is to burn those video files to DVD and then watch the movies on TV screen via DVD player. But unlike the common video sources, movies and TV series sold in iTunes can’t be directly burned to DVD because they are saved in .M4V format with DRM protected. To burn iTunes movies to DVD and play the movies on TV, you’ll need to remove the DRM protection from iTunes movies in the first place. In this case, you can use some iTunes to DVD video converter tools, like TunesKit iTunes Video Converter for Mac (Windows) to bypass the DRM and convert the protected M4V iTunes movie rentals and purchases to DVD burner supported video formats, such as MP4 before burning the movies to DVD discs.

Tips: The advantages of this method are varied. It not only enables you to watch any protected iTunes movies on TV at anytime you like, but also offers you the chance to play iTunes videos on non-Apple devices and keep the rentals as long as you wish. This would be the best option if you want to fully enjoy iTunes movies not only on TV but also on all kinds of media playing devices.

You may simply follow this tutorial to learn how to burn iTunes movies to DVD with TunesKit DRM Video Converter: How to Burn iTunes DRM M4V to DVD >>


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