How to Choose A Good iTunes DRM M4V Converter

It’s important for iTunes users who want to remove DRM lock from movies purchased or rented from iTunes store to find out a great iTunes DRM M4V Converter. But since there are so many similar iTunes DRM removal tools claiming to easily remove DRM off from iTunes M4V, it’s more difficult to choose the best iTunes DRM M4V Converter from a huge amount of choices. But don’t worry. We will now in the article to show you what to consider when choosing an iTunes DRM M4V Converter from different parts.

Supported iTunes Video Files

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best iTunes M4V converter for you has something to do with the video sources that you want to strip DRM from. If you only have a lot of iTunes M4V movie purchases, then a DRM M4V Converter that only supports purchased iTunes videos is enough for you since it will always be cheaper than the one that works for both iTunes M4V rentals and purchases. But if you are used to renting iTunes movies, then you have to choose iTunes converter that supports not only rentals but also the purchases since there’s no such a iTunes DRM M4V Converter only works with iTunes rentals. Currently the existing iTunes DRM M4V Converter in the market are all supposed to convert iTunes M4V purchases. But only a few of them are able to remove DRM from both rented and purchased iTunes movies.

Performing Speed

Another important fact to consider for a great iTunes DRM M4V converter should be the conversion speed. Currently most of the available iTunes video converter in the world adopt the recording technology to remove DRM from iTunes movies. That’s to say, the M4V DRM remover will record and capture the image and audio of the iTunes M4V files in the background while decrypting the DRM from the videos. The drawback of this technology is that such kind of iTunes DRM M4V Converter would work as long as the original movie’s length to convert the whole file. You’ll wait for about hours to get each file totally converted if the original iTunes movie is hours long. So you can image how long it will take if you have a lot of movies to convert at once. But fortunately, there are also a few iTunes DRM M4V Converter that could work at super high speed, like 20-30x faster in removing DRM from those files for they adopts advanced DRM decryption technique instead of the recording one. Due to the higher conversion speed, those innovative iTunes DRM Converter will always be more expensive than the traditional ones.

Output Video Quality

Although most of the iTunes DRM M4V Converter in the market claims to remove DRM from iTunes movie easily, not all of them could satisfy you with high-quality output videos as good as the original videos. So you’d better try those iTunes DRM Converter before you buying it to see whether the generated DRM-free iTunes videos meet your needs or not.

Ease of Use

This one may not be as important as the previous two parts, but it should also be taken into consideration while choosing the best DRM M4V converter for iTunes. An easy-to-use iTunes video converter could not only save a lot of time in operating the conversion, but also make you feel comfortable while converting the iTunes videos.

Suggestion & Recommendation

After reading those tips in choosing a best iTunes DRM Video Converter for your needs, you may begin to wonder whether there are some top DRM removing tools for iTunes M4V that we can recommend for you. Yes, we are glad to introduce one of the best iTunes M4V Video Converter to you for removing DRM lock from both rented and purchased iTunes M4V movies. It’s TunesKit DRM M4V Converter (Mac & Windows) that is specially developed to strip DRM from iTunes M4V rentals and purchases while converting the DRM-ed M4V to DRM-free formats, such as MP4. The conversion speed of TunesKit is up to 20x faster speed which will save a lot of your time. Besides, by adopting an innovative DRM removing technique, it will keep the original AC3 5.1 audio, subtitles without any quality loss. What’s more, it’s easy-to-use with intuitive and clear interface. Everyone can handle the M4V conversion within a few clicks only.


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