How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Watch on Sony PS4


Best known as one of the world’s greatest video game consoles, Sony PlayStation 4, or PS4, is also an ideal media device to play movies through home HDTV. However, among the supported media formats by Sony PS4, you’ll find there’s no M4V format, a commonly used format by iTunes movies and TV shows. So what if you need to watch iTunes M4V movies on your TV via PS4? Well, you need to figure out another important reason why PS4 doesn’t support playing iTunes movies. In fact, that’s because of DRM protection adopted by Apple to the iTunes M4V movies and TV shows. Due to the DRM lock, iTunes M4V videos can only be recognised and played well by Apple’s own devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Non-Apple devices are not allowed to play any iTunes movie directly, including Sony’s PS4 and others. In this case, if you need to watch iTunes movies on PS4 without DRM restriction, you’ll have to get rid of the DRM at first place.

Here in this article, you are recommended to try TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac/Windows, a top-leading iTunes DRM removal tool and M4V video converter which is specially developed to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows (rentals and purchases), while converting the DRM-protected M4V format to MP4 at 20x faster speed. Besides, it’s able to keep the original video quality as well as AC3 5.1 audio and subtitles during the conversion. So that you can enjoy the lossless quality of the iTunes movies on PS4 after conversion. Now you can follow the steps below to begin using TunesKit trial version to convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V videos to PS4 with ease.


Step 1. Import iTunes M4V files to TunesKit

Once launched iTunes to PS4 Converter, click the “Add Files” button displayed in the program interface. It will ask you to select movies or TV shows from the drop-down iTunes library. Then click “OK” to load the movie files you want to convert to PS4. You can also import the movies by dragging and dropping them into the converter.

Step 2. Choose output settings

After imported the iTunes movies, you can select the output audios and subtitles by clicking the “Settings” icon listed behind the movie name.

Step 3. Remove DRM & convert iTunes movies to MP4

Click “Convert” button to begin converting iTunes M4V to PS4 compatible MP4 format.

Step 4. Sync iTunes movies to PS4

Once the conversion completes, you can get the DRM-free iTunes HD or SD movies in the output folder and freely to transfer the videos to PlayStation 4 or other media playing devices via USB cable.


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