How to Move DRM iBooks to Kindle for Reading


iBooks is one of the largest online e-book stores in the world while Amazon Kindle devices are greatest eReaders for reading eBooks. So it must be a nice experience if we can buy the eBooks from iBooks store and then transfer the iBooks to Kindle for reading. And I guess some of you are doing it right now. However, the problem we can’t ignore in this case is that the iBooks are not allowed to be synced to Kindle or other non-Apple devices directly because of the FairPlay DRM protection on the books. So it’s actually no easy job to read the DRM-ed iBooks on Amazon Kindle at all. But don’t worry. In the following article, I’ll show you a quick solution to easily convert the DRM Apple iBooks to Kindle or other common eReaders.

In order to make the iBooks readable on Amazon Kindle, we should firstly find a way to bypass the DRM encryption from the protected iBook files once and for all. So now here comes one of the best iBook DRM removal tools, TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac that you can rely on. It’s specially developed to unlock the DRM restriction from eBook files you purchased from iBooks store with a few clicks only. Due to the advanced DRM decryption core, this smart iBook DRM remover is capable of working at 30X faster speed while making the DRM-free copies of the iBooks with original meta data included, such as the book author, publish date, cover, etc.

One important thing to be noted is that it doesn’t mean you can directly move the DRM-free iBooks to Kindle for reading after the DRM is removed successfully from the iBooks. That’s because the format of iBooks is not supported by the Kindle eReaders even though they are non-DRM-protected any more. The common format of iBooks is ePub, while the supported eBook formats of Kindles are MOBI, AZW, PDF, ec. So if you want to read the iBooks on Kindle, you will have to convert the ePub files to other compatible formats with Kindles.

The following article will be divided into two major parts, including the tutorial to remove DRM lock from iBooks and the guide to convert the DRM-free iBooks to Amazon Kindle compatible format.

Part 1. Remove DRM from Apple iBooks with TunesKit

It only contains two steps to get rid of the DRM from iBooks by using TunesKit.

Step 1. Load Apple iBooks to TunesKit by clicking “Add Files” button. You can also drag the books to the program directly. It supports batch conversion so that you can add multiple iBooks once.

Step 2. After selecting the output folder, you can begin to remove DRM lock from iBooks with TunesKit by clicking “Convert” button.

For detailed tutorial, you can visit this source page: How to Remove DRM from iBooks >>

Part 2. Convert DRM-free iBooks to Kindle

When the DRM is cracked completely from the iBooks, you can use some eBook converter, like Calibre to convert the DRM-free iBook ePub files to MOBI, PDF in order to read the books on Amazon Kindle.

You can visit this post to see how to convert the ePub eBooks with Calibre eBook Converter freeware: How to Convert iBooks with Calibre >>


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