Samsung Announces to Offer iTunes Movies on Smart TV

The Apple announces the cooperation with with its biggest rival Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SMSN.L, SSNNF.OB, SSNLF.OB) that the content in iTunes will be brought to Samsung Smart TV in the future.

On Monday, Samsung declared that from this spring began offering iTunes movies and TV shows as well as Apple AirPlay 2 on the brand-new of Samsung Smart TV models.

Support for Samsung Smart TV in 2018 will be provided through firmware updates. AirPlay2 is Apple’s wireless streaming standard.

A new iTunes Movies and TV Shows app will debut on Samsung Smart televisions in more than 100 countries, while AirPlay 2 support will be available on Samsung televisions in 190 countries worldwide.

With the implementation of this collaboration, you may use an extremely efficient and practical tool which called TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac or Win. This professional program  serves as a DRM removal professional to make you get full control over your legally purchased iTunes movie items so that you can watch the iTunes videos on any device as you like. With a full range of preset profiles, you are able to easily convert iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to popular media players, smartphones, tablets, like iPhone 7, iPhone 6, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, PS4, Xbox 360, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, and much more.

With the new iTunes app on Samsung smart televisions, Samsung customers can access their existing iTunes library and browse the iTunes Store to buy or rent from a wide selection of movies and TV episodes – including the largest selection of 4K HDR movies.

iTunes Movies and TV Shows will work seamlessly with Samsung’s Smart TV Services, such as Universal Guide, the New Bixby and Search, Samsung noted.

With AirPlay 2 support, Samsung customers will be able to play videos, photos, music, podcasts and other content from iPhones and other Apple devices directly to Samsung Smart TVs, including QLED 4K and 8K TVs, The Frame and Serif lifestyle TVs, as well as other Samsung UHD and HD models.

Samsung and Apple are among the world’s top three smartphone makers and have a complicated relationship. While the two companies are rivals in the technology industry, Samsung also provides major components such as screens for Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

In June 2018, Apple and Samsung finally settled their seven-year-long patent dispute, bringing to an end the long-running battle over the design of their rival smartphones. The settlement came just weeks after a U.S. jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $539 million in damages for copying features of the original iPhone.

As the sales volume of the iPhone and other iOS devices slow down, Apple idependent on its services business cumulatively, including digital content and other services. Services business revenue in the most recent fourth quarter reached a record high of $ 10 billion.



Microsoft Reportedly Releasing Xbox TV Devices at E3 2016


A new rumor swirling on the Web claims that Microsoft could unwrap the hotly anticipated Xbox TV at this year’s E3.

E3 is fast approaching and everyone is practically waiting for this year’s selection of the latest gadgets and electronics. Contributors to E3 range from big-time companies to startups, and people can’t help but speculate what they all have in store for this year’s tech enthusiasts. Take Microsoft for instance, which has been known to unveil excellent creations in E3.

A new report from The Verge now says that Petri’s Brad Sams revealed during an online podcast on May 25 that Microsoft is geared to announce “at least two streaming devices at E3,” including the Xbox TV.

To be fair, this rumor has been going around for quite a while now, but this time, The Verge’s report seems to be more certain of the device’s debut.

The report shares that the Xbox TV will make it possible to stream videos to your television. It is believed that this device has the capacity to stream not only videos but music and Xbox games as well — this new device for the living room should be able to do them all.

Ideally, this isn’t limited to just one television in the house but ALL of them. Imagine being able to stream your games in practically any part of the house, allowing you and your friends to move around depending on what’s comfortable for you.

The idea isn’t that far-fetched, considering how Microsoft already did the same thing with its Windows 10 PC. The company’s Research and Development team could have simply expanded the streaming technology to include televisions. Of course, some limitations are expected here. A possibility exists that the Xbox TV couldn’t stream to all types of TV — perhaps only to the new models with certain specifications.

Another Rumored Release

A game streaming stick, which is said to be a Chromecast-style device, is also said to be ready for release in E3, again from Microsoft. Rumors have it that this one will sell for roughly $100. However, there are also those saying only one of these two devices would actually be unveiled in E3.

What’s The Price For Xbox TV?

If the new rumor holds true, the Xbox TV will be available for roughly $150 or at least somewhere around that ballpark figure.

Of course, Microsoft is not the only company to unveil something new in the market. There are also reports of something big from Sony.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference is slated to take place on June 13.

In April, Tech Times also reported that Microsoft could unveil a new Xbox One controller plus other hardware at E3.

For now, it is advisable to file this story under the rumor category.


What if you need to stream iTunes movies to Xbox TV or other Xbox devices? Read on…

If you are having a large collection of movies and TV shows in iTunes library, you may have the need to watch the iTunes media on your Xbox TV if you purchase one when it’s officially released. But the problem is that due to FairPlay DRM policy, iTunes movies and TV episodes are not allowed to be transferred to non-Apple devices for playback unless the DRM is cracked. Here comes the solution. TunesKit DRM M4V Converter is such a great app developed to bypass DRM lock from iTunes movies and TV shows with lossless quality preserved. It’s able to convert the DRM-ed M4V files to non-DRM MP4 so that you can freely enjoy the common videos on any popular media playing device, including the Xbox TV. For more details for the DRM removal, you can refer to this tutorial: How to Stream iTunes DRM M4V to Xbox >>


How Do You Watch iTunes M4V Movies on Moto G 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.55.35 PM

Moto G 2015 Review – Best Cheap Android Phone

Motorola Moto G 2015, the 3rd-generation, was revealed to the world on July 28. Featuring 5 inches display, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 720p screen, and Gorilla Glass 3 protection, Moto G 2015 edition appears to be the best deal you’ll find on a good Android phone with high performance and clean software, as well as a mostly solid camera. Although there are still some unsatisfied parts of Moto G 2015, such as the weak camera in low light or the disappeared notification light, they could be the forgivable signs for a phone that only costs $180. It’s the best bang for your Android buying buck… for now, anyway.

Sync iTunes Movies/TV Shows to Moto G or Other Motorola Devices?

Once you got the Moto G, would you want to watch videos on it? I bet you will. But what if you need to sync iTunes movies to Moto G for watching but find it’s impossible to do it due to the DRM protection on those iTunes movies? Well, don’t worry. We will introduce a professional iTunes to Motorola video converter for you to get it done.

Firstly, do you know why you can’t copy iTunes movies and TV shows to Moto G or other devices? That’s simply because of the DRM protection developed by Apple. It’s called FairPlay which is used to protect the iTunes media content by encoding the video files with M4V extension that can only be recognised by Apple’s devices. No one is allowed to watch iTunes M4V videos on Motorola or other non-Apple devices, unless you bypass the DRM from the iTunes movies.

TunesKit iTunes M4V to Motorola Video Converter

Now you meet TunesKit DRM M4V Converter (Mac/Windows) which is developed to remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies and TV shows, including both the rentals and purchases, while converting the protected M4V format to DRM-free MP4 at 20x faster speed. It can keep the original audio tracks as well as subtitles so that you can enjoy the unprotected iTunes movies on your Moto G or other devices with original lossless quality after conversion.

The following article will guide you to use TunesKit to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V to MP4 for Moto G and other devices step by step.

Steps to Convert iTunes M4V to Moto G 2015

  1. Add iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to TunesKit via “Add Files” button or drag and drop.
  2. Adjust output settings including audio tracks, subtitles and output folder.
  3. Start to convert iTunes videos to MP4 by clicking “Convert” button.

When the conversion completes, you can go to the output folder to find the converted iTunes movies without DRM protection to sync to your Moto G or other devices via USB.

How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Watch on Sony PS4


Best known as one of the world’s greatest video game consoles, Sony PlayStation 4, or PS4, is also an ideal media device to play movies through home HDTV. However, among the supported media formats by Sony PS4, you’ll find there’s no M4V format, a commonly used format by iTunes movies and TV shows. So what if you need to watch iTunes M4V movies on your TV via PS4? Well, you need to figure out another important reason why PS4 doesn’t support playing iTunes movies. In fact, that’s because of DRM protection adopted by Apple to the iTunes M4V movies and TV shows. Due to the DRM lock, iTunes M4V videos can only be recognised and played well by Apple’s own devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Non-Apple devices are not allowed to play any iTunes movie directly, including Sony’s PS4 and others. In this case, if you need to watch iTunes movies on PS4 without DRM restriction, you’ll have to get rid of the DRM at first place.

Here in this article, you are recommended to try TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac/Windows, a top-leading iTunes DRM removal tool and M4V video converter which is specially developed to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows (rentals and purchases), while converting the DRM-protected M4V format to MP4 at 20x faster speed. Besides, it’s able to keep the original video quality as well as AC3 5.1 audio and subtitles during the conversion. So that you can enjoy the lossless quality of the iTunes movies on PS4 after conversion. Now you can follow the steps below to begin using TunesKit trial version to convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V videos to PS4 with ease.


Step 1. Import iTunes M4V files to TunesKit

Once launched iTunes to PS4 Converter, click the “Add Files” button displayed in the program interface. It will ask you to select movies or TV shows from the drop-down iTunes library. Then click “OK” to load the movie files you want to convert to PS4. You can also import the movies by dragging and dropping them into the converter.

Step 2. Choose output settings

After imported the iTunes movies, you can select the output audios and subtitles by clicking the “Settings” icon listed behind the movie name.

Step 3. Remove DRM & convert iTunes movies to MP4

Click “Convert” button to begin converting iTunes M4V to PS4 compatible MP4 format.

Step 4. Sync iTunes movies to PS4

Once the conversion completes, you can get the DRM-free iTunes HD or SD movies in the output folder and freely to transfer the videos to PlayStation 4 or other media playing devices via USB cable.

Watch Your iTunes Movies on Xbox One/Xbox 360

iTunes to Xbox One

According to the recent tweets of Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, it looks as though the Xbox One could be seeing full keyboard and mouse support in the near future. If that’s true, it could be a big addition and draw for fans looking for a reason to buy the Xbox One over competitor Sony’s Playstation 4. When talking about the best game console, Xbox and Playstation could always be on the top list. Aside from being a great game console, Xbox users may also like to watch movies, such as the ones from iTunes on Xbox One or Xbox 360 during the rest of the game. Here in this article, we’ll show you how to easily stream iTunes movies/TV shows to Xbox One/360 for watching.

Firstly, you should know that movies and TV shows on iTunes are protected with Apple’s FairPlay DRM copy-protection. So you are not allowed to stream any DRM-ed iTunes movie or TV show to non-Apple-approved devices, such as Xbox One or Xbox 360. You can only play iTunes movies on Apple’s devices because they are in M4V format and can only be recognised by Apple’s products. In order to make iTunes M4V videos playable on Xbox and other non-Apple devices, we must remove the DRM lock from iTunes movies at the first place. Currently the most efficient way to strip DRM from iTunes M4V is to use a third-party iTunes DRM removal tool that can not only bypass DRM from iTunes movies but also convert the M4V format to other commonly used formats, such as MP4 that is supported by Xbox 360/Xbox One.

Now you meet TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac/Windows, one of the best iTunes DRM remover which is dedicated to removing DRM from iTunes movies (rented and purchased) and converting DRM M4V to universal MP4 as well. During the conversion, it can keep the original video quality, AC3 audio tracks and subtitles without any loss. Once the DRM is removed, you can enjoy the DRM-free iTunes movies on Xbox One/Xbox 360 at anytime as you want.


The following is the complete guide on how to convert iTunes DRM-ed M4V movies and TV shows to Xbox One/360 with TunesKit DRM M4V Converter.

Step 1. Add iTunes M4V to TunesKit by clicking “Add Files” button or dragging and dropping.

Step 2. Select the output settings, including output folder, subtitles and audio tracks via “settings” icon.

Step 3. Start to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V to MP4 via “Convert” button.

TunesKit DRM M4V Converter works at 20x faster speed in removing DRM from iTunes movies. You will wait for a while until the iTunes movies are converted to DRM-free MP4 with lossless quality. Then you’ll be freely to stream the converted iTunes movies to Xbox One/360 for playback.

3 Easy Ways to Watch DRM-ed iTunes Movies on HDTV


When you bought or rent a movie from iTunes store, you may have the need to watch those the movie on your HDTV with your families. But here comes a problem of the playback. Since iTunes movies are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM, you are not allowed to connect the iTunes movie files to HDTV directly for watching. You’ll need to follow these three solutions introduced in this article to get iTunes DRM-ed movies and TV shows on HDTV for playback.

3 Best Solutions to Play iTunes DRM-ed Movies on HDTV

1. Stream iTunes Movies to HDTV via Apple TV

One of the most common and direct way to watch iTunes DRM-protected movies on Apple TV is to use Apple’s own product, Apple TV, a media streaming device. You can easily launch Apple TV to access the iTunes store to find the desired iTunes movies and TV shows so as to connect them to your HDTV for watching. But in this case, it will cost you around $100 to buy the device. So if you are not about to buy Apple TV, you can refer to the following two methods.

2. Watch iTunes DRM Movies on HDTV via Computer

Another common way to play iTunes DRM videos on a TV is to connect the TV with computer while you are playing the movies using iTunes on your computer. But the condition is that your TV should have a HDMI cable with which it can connect to the computer. In this way, what displays on your computer will simultaneously display on your TV screen. You can then use the remote control of the TV to switch the TV’s input to the proper port and set the graphics adapter and choose TV screen as the primary monitor.

Note: This solution is recommended only when your TV has a HDMI port to connect to computer and your computer is available for using in the meantime. Otherwise, you may switch to the second way below in order to play iTunes movies on TV.

3. Burn iTunes Movies to DVD to Play on HDTV via DVD Player

The last yet most effective way to play iTunes movies on TV without Apple TV is to burn those video files to DVD and then watch the movies on TV screen via DVD player. But unlike the common video sources, movies and TV series sold in iTunes can’t be directly burned to DVD because they are saved in .M4V format with DRM protected. To burn iTunes movies to DVD and play the movies on TV, you’ll need to remove the DRM protection from iTunes movies in the first place. In this case, you can use some iTunes to DVD video converter tools, like TunesKit iTunes Video Converter for Mac (Windows) to bypass the DRM and convert the protected M4V iTunes movie rentals and purchases to DVD burner supported video formats, such as MP4 before burning the movies to DVD discs.

Tips: The advantages of this method are varied. It not only enables you to watch any protected iTunes movies on TV at anytime you like, but also offers you the chance to play iTunes videos on non-Apple devices and keep the rentals as long as you wish. This would be the best option if you want to fully enjoy iTunes movies not only on TV but also on all kinds of media playing devices.

You may simply follow this tutorial to learn how to burn iTunes movies to DVD with TunesKit DRM Video Converter: How to Burn iTunes DRM M4V to DVD >>

iTunes to Sony Xperia – How to Transfer iTunes Movies on Sony Xperia Devices for Watching

itunes to sony xperia

Among all the popular smartphones and tablets, the ones made by Sony Ericsson has attracted most consumers mainly for its big screen with high resolution. That makes it a great device to watch videos and play games. Take Sony Xperia Z4 as an example. It is one of the best Android smartphones on the market equipped with powerful hardware and software such as Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53, Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A57 CPU, 4GB RAM, and Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Besides, with a 5.2 inches screen of 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution, Sony Xperia Z4 will definitely provide you amazing watching experience.

So, if you own a Sony Xperia Z4 or any other Xperia device, you may also like to watch videos on it. Have you ever tried to copy movies from iTunes library to Xperia but without any success? Don’t worry. If you ever met such a situation and want to find a solution to it, you can simply refer to the following article which will provide you an easy way to transfer iTunes movies or TV shows to Sony Xperia devices for playing.

Firstly, you have to be clear of something about iTunes movies here. In order to protect the copy right of the media files on iTunes, Apple has created something called FairPlay, a DRM technology to encrypt the movies and TV shows so that nobody is allowed to copy any iTunes movie to non-Apple devices. In this case, we’ll have to firstly get rid of the DRM lock so as to play the DRM-locked iTunes videos on Sony Xperia or other devices.

Fortunately, there are many software in the market claim to remove DRM from iTunes movies with ease. Among them, TunesKit DRM M4V Converter is the best and fastest one that you can choose. It is specially developed to bypass DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals and purchases while converting the DRM-ed M4V to MP4 without touching the original video and audio tracks at 20x faster speed. You can now download the free trial of this software to test it by yourself to see how it works to convert iTunes movies to Sony Xperia devices.

Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Sony Xperia with TunesKit DRM Media Converter

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the correct version of TunesKit on your computer. Then please follow this tutorial to begin converting iTunes movies to Sony Xperia step by step.

1. Import iTunes M4V video files to TunesKit either by clicking “Add Files” button or by dragging and dropping the movies from iTunes library to the converter.

2. Select output folder, output audio tracks and subtitles.

3. Click “Convert” button to start converting iTunes M4V to MP4.

4. Once the conversion finishes, go to the output folder to find the DRM-free iTunes movies and copy to Sony Xperia via USB for watching.

How to Watch iTunes Movies/TV Shows on Panasonic Viera TV

itunes to panasonic tv

Featuring superb full HD picture quality and high performance engine, Panasonic Viera TV has become one of the best options for us to watch HD movies. It enables us to enjoy amazing visual effects of any HD movies by streaming them from Internet or local network as we wish. However, when it comes to iTunes movies, it seems no easy to stream those movies from iTunes to Panasonic Viera TV for watching for iTunes movies are restricted by DRM protection and tied to be played on Apple’s devices only. In this situation, the only way to stream iTunes movies to Panasonic TV is to remove the DRM lock from the iTunes movies at first place.

In this article, I will share my own experience to help you to bypass DRM protection and stream iTunes movies to Viera TV step by step.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies & Stream to Panasonic TV

As you may know, Panasonic Viera TV is described from the official website to play videos in MP4 format via USB port. But movies downloaded from iTunes are encoded in “Protected M4V” format which are incompatible with Panasonic Viera TV. So in order to play iTunes movies on Viera TV, we must find a way to convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V files to Panasonic TV supported MP4 format while removing the DRM from iTunes movies.

In this case, I’d like to recommend TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter (Mac or Windows) to you. It’s one of the fastest iTunes M4V Video Converter which can not only get rid of DRM protection from any iTunes movies and TV shows, but also convert the protected M4V format to MP4 with 100% original video quality, 5.1 Dolby surround audio, subtitles preserved.

How to Convert and Stream iTunes Movies to Panasonic Viera TV

You may download either Mac or Windows version of the program according to your system requirements. Here let’s take TunesKit iTunes Video Converter for Mac as an example to walk you through the process in converting and streaming iTunes movies to Panasonic Viera TV for playback.

  1. Add Protected M4V Movies from iTunes Library

You can add iTunes movies and TV shows to TunesKit either by clicking “Add Files” button in the program to select the movies you want to stream to Panasonic TV or by directly dragging and dropping the iTunes movies into the converter.

  1. Remove DRM and Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP4 for Viera TV

Once the movies loaded successfully, you may choose the output settings, including subtitles, audio tracks for the output video files. Then you can start to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V to MP4 by clicking “Convert” button.

  1. Stream Converted iTunes Movies to Panasonic Viera TV via USB

After the conversion, you can find the converted iTunes movies to save them into USB and begin streaming to Panasonic TV for watching.

How to Edit iTunes Videos with Video Editing Software

Because of DRM, iTunes movies are locked and restricted to be recognisable and playable on Apple-approved devices only, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc. Among them, there is even no other Apple products, like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, let alone other non-Apple devices or software. What if you want to edit some video files you purchased from iTunes store with video editing software? Don’t worry. Here we are going to introduce you a simple way to edit protected iTunes videos with iMovie, FCP or other video editors.

To make iTunes movies editable with any video editor, firstly we should bypass the DRM lock from iTunes movies. One of the best iTunes DRM removal software in the world is TunesKit DRM Video Converter (Mac & Windows) which is specially developed to remove DRM from both rented and purchased iTunes movies by converting the protected DRM M4V format to universal MP4 without touching the original video and audio quality. Thus it’s able to preserve 100% original video resolution, AC3 5.1 audio and subtitles after conversion. With this smart iTunes M4V converter, you can easily edit any iTunes movie or TV show with video editors.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes DRM-ed Movies/TV Shows

Step 1. Add iTunes M4V movies to TunesKit

You can choose one of the two ways to import iTunes videos to the converter: 1) Click “Add Files” button and a drop-down window will pop up to let you select iTunes movies or TV shows; 2) Drag the iTunes movies or TV episodes from iTunes media folder and drop them to TunesKit.

Step 2. Adjust output settings

When the movies are loaded successfully, you can set the output folder, audio tracks and subtitles as you like.

Step 3. Start to remove DRM and convert M4V to MP4

Now click “Convert” button and it will begin to remove DRM and convert the iTunes M4V videos to MP4 by itself.

Once the conversion completes, you can go to the output folder to find the DRM-free iTunes videos and import them into any video converter software for editing.

How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Android Devices

itunes to android

Unlike other common videos, movies sold from iTunes store are encrypted with DRM protection and saved in .M4V format that can only be recognised by Apple’s devices. So it would be impossible for Android users to play iTunes media directly on Android smartphone or tablet. In this case, an iTunes video converter software will be need to remove DRM from those iTunes movies and convert the DRM-locked M4V files to non-DRM MP4 or other formats supported by most Android devices.

Here in the following article, we will show you the complete guide on converting iTunes DRM-ed M4V movies and TV shows to Android devices with the help of TunesKit DRM Video Converter, the best and fastest iTunes DRM remover as well as M4V video converter.

Key Features of TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter

Adopting an innovative DRM decrypting core, TunesKit DRM Video Converter for iTunes is specially designed to bypass DRM lock from iTunes movies and TV episodes, rented and purchased while converting the protected M4V format to unprotected MP4 without touching the original video and audio tracks. That’s to say, it’s able to keep the original video quality as well as AC3 5.1 audio tracks at 20x faster speed. With TunesKit iTunes DRM Media Converter, you can easily copy any iTunes movie and TV show to as many media players as you like.

It’s currently available in both Mac and Windows versions. Now you can download the trial version of this smart iTunes M4V Converter according to your system requirements and begin to convert iTunes M4V to Android with the following tutorial.

Guide – How to Remove DRM & Convert iTunes M4V to Android

Step 1. Add iTunes Movies and TV Series to TunesKit M4V Converter

Click the “Add Files” button on the top of TunesKit interface to browse from your computer to add the iTunes movies or TV shows you want to convert to Android. You can also drag and drop the M4V videos from Finder to the resource pane to load them for converting.

Step 2. Customise Output Settings

Click the “Output Folder” to set the path for the converted video files. And you can also choose the output audio tracks and subtitles by clicking the gear icon besides the name of the movies.

Step 3. Convert iTunes M4V to Android

When all the settings finished, you can simply start to convert DRM-ed iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to Android by clicking “Convert” button.

That’s it. Once the conversion completes, you may go to the output folder to get the converted DRM-free MP4 files and import them into your Android smartphones or tablets for watching.