Simple Ways to Play Audible Books on Google Home


With the release of Google Play Audiobook, we can now listen to audiobooks on Google Home, the smart speaker developed by Google. However, it’s a different story if we try to play Audible audiobooks on Google Home as Audible is not a built-in app of Google Home yet. If you are looking for the solution to make Audible books playable via Google Home, the following guide will introduce some possible ways to solve your problem.

1. Cast Audible Books with the Google Home App

Google Home comes with the app for both Android and IOS. It is a highly recommended way to download the it to your mobile phone and then cast Audible audiobooks to Google Home.


1. Make sure both of your mobile phone and Google Home speaker are connected to the same network.
2. Install Google Home app to your phone. When it is done, you will see the main screen of it.
3. Click the burger button on the Google Home app main screen and then choose ‘cast screen/audio’ menu.
4. You should see the name of your mobile phone, tap to select it and click ‘OK’ to confirm.
5. Finally the audio playing from your mobile will be cast to the Google Home speaker without lag and you can launch the Audible app to start to stream your audio books.

Tips: You may encounter problem on iOS device using this method. If so, you are suggested to switch to the 3rd method as below.

2. Play Audible Books on Google Home via Bluetooth

This should be the easiest and most straightforward way to stream Audible books to play on Google Home. You got two options to pair your iOS/Android to Google Home for playing Audible audiobooks, including by voice command or Google Home app.


Connect by Voice

Turn on your Google Home. Say “OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing”, then the smart speaker will automatically search the nearby Bluetooth devices and you can choose the right one you want to connect to Google Home. Please make sure the Bluetooth is activated on our iPhone or Android phone in advance.

Connect via Google Home App

Open Google Home App on your Android or iPhone and tap on the device icon on the right top corner of the app. Then press the three-dot menu on Google Home to get into Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom to find and tap the ‘Paired Bluetooth Devices’ > ‘Enable Pairing Mode’. Now open the Bluetooth on your phone to connect to Google Home speaker.

Once the Bluetooth is paired successfully, you can go ahead to play Audible audiobooks through Google Home by mirroring the audio from your phone.

Note: If you want to unpair Google Home, you can tap on the cross mark on the devices already connected. Once you tap on the mark, you will get a popup screen to Unpair Google Home Device. Simply tap on UNPAIR to disconnect Google Home.

3. Upload Audible Files to Google Play Music to Play from Google Home

This method doesn’t require Google Home app but Google Play Music instead. As Google  Play Music is Google Home’s default music service, it would be convenient to play Audible books on Google Home if we could transfer the audiobooks to Google Play Music. How? Here we go.

You may find it’s impossible to upload Audible audiobooks to Google Play Music with the error message saying the format is not supported. In fact, that’s caused by DRM technology, with which Audible books can only be played on selected devices. Therefore, in order to upload Audible books to Google account, the most important thing is find a way to remove the DRM from Audible audiobooks.

Now you meet TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter, a smart DRM removal solution for Audible audiobooks that provides an all-in-one solution to convert Audible to universal MP3 files within several clicks. To learn more details, you can visit: How to Convert Audible Audiobooks AA/AAX to MP3.


Once got the DRM-free audiobooks, you can upload them to Google Play Music via the Google Play Music Manager or the plugin for Chrome. Here are the steps to add audiobooks to Google Play Music via Chrome plugin:

1. Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date, then you can download and install the Google Play Music for Chrome plugin.
2. Launch Google Play Music, you will see the main screen of it.
3. Click the three-horizontal-line menu and choose ‘Upload music’.
4. You can follow the screen instruction to select music from your computer to upload.
5. Since Google Play Music is a built-in app, you can simply control your Google Home by voice or the app to play the uploaded audiobooks after uploading.


Audiobook DRM Removal – Best DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac & Windows)

If you are looking for some top-listed DRM removal tools for audiobooks, you are suggested to take a look at these three best DRM audiobook converter for Mac and Windows mentioned in this review. With which, you can easily get rid of DRM from any protected audiobook files purchased from iTunes or We are going to review these top audiobook DRM remover from different parts, such as key features, performances, supported formats, etc.

1. TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac & Windows)


TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter is a top-leading audiobook DRM removal tool that is good at removing DRM lock from iTunes as well as Audible audiobooks by converting the protected M4B, M4A, AA, AAX file formats to unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and M4A at 30x faster speed. By using this smart DRM Audiobook Converter in unlocking the DRM copy protection from audiobooks, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks on any popular MP3 player, such as iPod, Zune, PSP, Sandisk Sans, iRiver, Creative Zen, etc.

Compared with other similar DRM audiobook converter, TunesKit has many advantages such as the easy-to-use interface, fastest speed, various output formats. The drawback of this software is that the current version can’t keep the chapter info for the original audiobooks. But according to the R&D plan, they’ll add that feature to the next update of TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter.

2. TuneBite 12 Audiobook Converter (Windows)


Another great DRM audiobook converter in the market comes from Audials called TuneBite 12. Mainly as a universal audio recorder, Tunebite can record both encrypted and non-encrypted audio streams by music services and save those audios as MP3, WMA or AAC files supported by most popular audio players. And as a DRM audio converter, Audials TuneBite 12 Premium is able to convert multiple DRM copy-protected music and audiobooks to common audio format, such as AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc for any device. Like TunesKit, Audials Tunebite also uses an advanced audio processor promises perfect output quality. But unlike TunesKit, TuneBite is more difficult to operate because of the complicated interface,

3. OndeSoft DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac)


If you want to remove DRM from iTunes and Audible audiobooks, Ondesoft Audiobook Converter is also a great choice. It’s an easy-to-use audiobook DRM remover dedicated to convert DRM-ed iTunes and Audible M4B, AA audiobooks to plain formats including MP3, AAC, AC3, etc at 16x faster speed. It also provides customized conversion for you to set the output parameter of the audiobooks, like codec, bitrate, sample rate, and number of channels according to your needs. Besides, Ondesoft Audiobook Converter for Mac is able to keep chapter information in the output audiobook files to let you start the audiobook where you stop before easily. The disadvantage of this software is that the output quality may not be as well as the original one.

How to Convert DRM-locked AA/AAX Audiobook to MP3

audible audiobook converter

Most of you who like to listen to audiobooks may be used to purchasing audiobooks from, the largest producer and seller of downloadable digital audiobooks in the world. So you may have found that it’s difficult to listen to Audible audiobooks on some popular MP3 players. In fact, that’s because audiobooks sold on Audible are all encoded in .aa or .aax format that is protected by Audible’s Digital Rights Management (DRM). Due to that, you can only play the Audible AA and AAX audiobooks on specific media players. If you’ve already fed up with the restriction of playing Audible audiobooks on selected devices, you may read on to find out the best solution to convert the DRM-ed Audible AA and AAX to MP3 or other commonly used audio formats so as to enjoy the audiobooks on as many media playing devices as you like.

Brief Introduction of TunesKit AA to MP3 Audiobook Converter

Now we’ll recommend TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter to you with which you can easily remove DRM from Audible audiobooks by converting the protected AA or AAX audio files to unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV and other formats at 30x super fast speed while preserving the original audio quality. Besides, it can also convert the M4B and M4A audiobooks from iTunes to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A with ease. Currently it’s available in both Mac and Windows platform with the latest iTunes 12.1 installed since it adopts an advanced audio recording technology which will record the DRM-ed audiobooks in the iTunes background while stripping the DRM off.

Steps to Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3

Now let’s begin to remove DRM and convert the Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3 with TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter.

Step 1. Import Audible Audiobooks to iTunes

Launch iTunes and go to My Audiobooks section. Then click iTunes menu bar File > Library > Import Playlist to import the Audible AA, AAX audiobook files to iTunes library.

Step 2. Load AA/AAX Audiobooks to TunesKit

Once the AA, AAX audiobooks are loaded successfully to the iTunes playlist, shut down iTunes and launch TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter. Then click Add Files button to load the iTunes library which contains the DRM AA/AAX audio books that you’ve imported previously and select those you want to convert to MP3 and click Add.

Step 3. Choose Output Format

When the DRM audiobooks added to TunesKit, you can choose the output format as MP3 or other formats by clicking the “gear” icon behind the audiobook name. Besides, you can also set the output format in advance via the Preferences of TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter.

Step 4. Start to Convert AA/AAX to MP3

Now you can begin to convert the DRM-protected Audible AA or AAX audio books to common MP3 format by clicking the Convertbutton in TunesKit.

After the AA/AAX to MP3 conversion, you can find the converted MP3 audio books and freely import them into any media players, such as iPod, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, etc. for playback.

Video Tutorial to Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 with TunesKit

You can also visit the following video on YouTube to learn how to convert the DRM-protected Audible audiobooks to MP3 with TunesKit AA to MP3 Audiobook Converter.

TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter Review

drm audiobook converter

When talking about the most popular way to remove DRM from protected audiobooks, it would probably remind you with the way to burn DRM audiobooks to CDs. However, it’s not the easiest way for DRM removal from protected audiobooks in fact. You may have heard of something called audiobook DRM removal tools. But you may have not used it yet. So in this review, we will recommend one of the best and fastest audiobook DRM remover – TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter to you with detailed introduction to its features and functions, in which way you’ll get a clearer understand of such a software so as to use it to remove DRM from audiobooks you purchased from iTunes or Audible that you would like to listen on multiple MP3 players.

Firstly, this is a professional audiobook converter that is specially developed to bypass DRM lock from audiobooks purchased from iTunes store or Amazon Audible store. It adopts an unique and advanced DRM decryption core so that it would remove DRM from any audiobook at 30x super fast speed. Besides, with an innovative audio recording technique, TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter is able to record the original DRM-locked audiobooks in the background system while converting the protected audiobook files from M4B, M4A, AA, AAX to DRM-free formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc. Moreover, it can also keep the original ID3 tags in MP3 output and chapter info in output AAC for you so that you can enjoy the non-DRM audiobooks with the same quality and chapters as the original ones.

By using TunesKit Audiobook Converter, you can easily get rid of the DRM restriction from iTunes and Audible audiobooks so that you can listen to them on any MP3 player, such as iPod, Zune, iRiver, Sandisk Sansa, Creative Zen, and other media playing devices too.

It’s easy to get this smart DRM audiobook converter to work. It only takes three steps to convert a DRM-ed audiobook to unprotected formats. After launching this converter, you can add the audiobooks via “Add Files” button from iTunes library. Then you’ll be free to set the output format as it requires. When it’s done, you can start to remove DRM and convert the audiobooks to non-DRM formats by clicking “Convert” button.


  • Easy-to-use and works at super fast 30x speed
  • Support multiple output formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A
  • Support multiple input audiobook formats, such as M4A, M4B, AA, AAX


  • None

So if you haven’t used such a tool to remove DRM from your audiobooks yet, you can give TunesKit a try and it won’t disappoint you.