TunesKit DRM Removal Products Now Work Perfectly with iTunes 12.7

TunesKit, the top leader in DRM removal field, officially upgraded its featured DRM removal products for Mac, including DRM Media Converter, DRM Audio Converter, and Apple Music Converter by adding the perfect support to iTunes 12.7 on macOS 10.12 Sierra or lower. Till now, all TunesKit DRM media converter for Mac and Windows would work perfectly with the latest iTunes v.12.7 when removing DRM protection from iTunes M4V videos, Audible audiobooks, as well as Apple Music songs, etc.


Along with other new world-shocking products like iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, Apple also launched the new version of iTunes 12.7 on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. Once it’s released, iTunes users can download the new upgrade for both Mac and Windows. However, TunesKit DRM removal product users, especially those using the Mac versions must have found that those tools can’t work as expected once the iTunes was upgraded to v.12.7. As a professional and customer-oriented iTunes DRM removal solution provider in the world, TunesKit R&D team began to seek for the fix as soon as the error occurred. Thanks to persistent hard work and continuous tests, they finally made a breakthrough on this issue and found the ultimate solution, making TunesKit the first developer that fixed the iTunes 12.7 incompatibility error in DRM removal area.

“Apple has strengthened its DRM encryption method with the release of iTunes 12.7. Therefore the old decrypting core used by TunesKit DRM removers can’t suppose to work any more.Fortunately, our programmers invented a new advanced DRM cracking technique completely different with the old one and it apparently turns out to working pretty well.” said Lee, TunesKit R&D director. “We also received some customers’ concern about converting the new 4K iTunes movie content with TunesKit. As a result, we’ll keep testing the program on our end and try our best to support those 4K movies in the near future.”

To sum up, no matter you are using the Mac or Windows version of TunesKit DRM media converting software, you can go ahead to upgrade your iTunes to 12.7 without worrying about the compatibility at all. However, Mac users should be well noted that the solution for iTunes 12.7 on macOS 10.13 High Sierra is still under development. Therefore those newly released TunesKit DRM removal products for Mac can only work well for iTunes 12.7 under macOS 10.12 or earlier.

To get the latest versions of the upgraded TunesKit Mac products, please either use the built-in auto upgrading or download the latest setup files from TunesKit Download Center.



Best iTunes M4V Converter : TunesKit vs. Aimersoft vs. Noteburner

Are you fed up with the DRM (Digital Rights Management) on the iTunes movies you got? Feel annoyed that you can’t play the iTunes movies on your Android or other non-Apple devices? Don’t worry. With the iTunes movie DRM removal tools, you’ll solve this problem in seconds. Have you heard any useful tools such as TunesKit DRM Media Converter, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus and Aimersoft DRM Media Converter? Nevertheless, here in this review, we’ll compare those three top-rated iTunes DRM video converters from different aspects, including conversion method, output quality, conversion time, speed, etc. in order to help you pick up the best iTunes M4V converter when removing DRM from iTunes videos.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus and Aimersoft DRM Media Converter are all contributed to convert the protected iTunes M4V videos to common unprotected file formats. When it comes to the effectiveness of these three tools, whose performance is the best? Just read on.

TunesKit VS NoteBurner VS Aimersoft: Converision Method

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter could be listed on the top priorities to bypass DRM from numerous types of copy-protected videos. But it is worth mentioning that Aimersoft DRM Media Cinverter can’t really remove the DRM protection and it gets the unprotected audios/videos by recording the original file. It is good news that TunesKit DRM Media Converter and NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus could convert DRM on iTunes movies and TV shows purchased and rented from iTunes store to DRM-free files.

TunesKit VS NoteBurner VS Aimersoft: Conversion Quality

The quality of conversion decides the comfort degree of enjoying videos. Here is where the difference between these three trial converters and the original file would be very apparent.


From these pictures, we can understand that the quality of TunesKit DRM Media Converter and NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is the same as the original file, while we might be tiresome during the watching period by using the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

TunesKit VS NoteBurner VS Aimersoft: Conversion Process

When starting TunesKit DRM Media Converter and NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, the iTunes will be launched by itself, which leads us to the files that we want to convert as quickly as possible by adding the files, dragging the files into the area. Besides, it is also supported to search the files into the area by NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, whose ‘Convert’ button is not apparent. If it was your first time to use this app, you would get trouble in it. With the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, the iTunes won’t show up until I click the button to convert videos. As a result, we must click the key words again and again to get the files that we need, which is very troublesome.

TunesKit VS NoteBurner VS Aimersoft: Conversion Time

When it comes to conversion time, TunesKit DRM Media Converter must be the solid choice. The reason is that I measured the processing time for all apps using the same roughly one-minute iTunes source movie, TunesKit DRM Media Converter just spends around 3 seconds finishing the task, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus needs around half a minute but the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter needs more time, which is up to at least 4 minutes. Therefore, TunesKit DRM Media Converter is the fastest converter than the other two.

Conclusion: Which is the Best iTunes M4V Converter?

From what have mentioned above, I could conclude that TunesKit DRM Media Converter, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus and Aimersoft DRM Media Converter striping the restriction of DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows purchased and rental all aim to make our digital life easier and easier. But as far as I am concerned, TunesKit DRM Media Convertert and NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus are more convenient than Aimersoft DRM Media Converter as a whole. Nevertheless, which to choose between TunesKit DRM Media Converter and NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus depends on the following aspects.

If you have numerous iTunes movies in your library or you know the title of the movie you need to convert, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is a good choice because of the function of searching files. But according to the speed of converting videos with lossless quality, TunesKit DRM Media Converter may be the best choice. Hope this post can help you and now do you have the best iTunes M4V Converter to choose in your mind?

iTunes DRM Removal: How to Remove DRM Lock from iTunes Media


How would you describe Apple’s ecosystem, especially the iTunes ecosystem? Doesn’t it like that Apple has lured users into a trap using design or marketing, shut the door behind them and thrown away the key? Generally speaking, this kind of ecosystem lock-in essentially doesn’t allow the customer to take the content and move to another platform. To be specifically, this can be achieved by limiting a device’s file format compatibility, or by limiting the ways in which a device can be loaded with content.

Apple’s Ecosystem Lock-in: iTunes Music, Video, and Books

Before January 6, 2009, audio files sold in iTunes Store were protected using Apple’s own FairPlay DRM solution. As of today, all music sold in the iTunes Store after April 7, 2009, is DRM free while Apple put the DRM back to the songs in its newly released music streaming service, Apple Music. Currently, all video content, including movies, TV shows, and music videos sold through iTunes is DRM protected and can only be played on devices compatible with the FairPlay DRM. With iBooks, Apple offers both copy protected books as well as books without DRM on its iOS devices. In the case of audiobooks, they are generally offered in file formats, such as M4A or M4B, with embedded DRM protection.

Those facts portray a gloomy situation we have to face, that is, several types of content available for purchase in iTunes are subject to ecosystem lock-in, where we as users are prohibited from dealing with the purchased items in ways we like. That’s not the end of the story, however. There are of course methods to strip DRM from iTunes media content, such as the ones introduced in the following article.

Bypass DRM Encryption from Offline Apple Music M4P Songs

If you are subscribing Apple Music streaming service or have a large collection of iTunes music files purchased before 2009, you may have the need to move away from Apple ecosystem by transferring those DRM-restricted songs to non-Apple platforms. In such a case, you are here to meet TunesKit DRM M4P Converter, a perfect DRM removal solution developed to completely remove DRM from offline Apple Music M4P songs, as well as the old iTunes music purchases protected by DRM. It’s designed to free the M4P audio from DRM by converting the copy-protected songs to common MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and M4B with original ID tags preserved. If you own any mac machine running OS X 10.8 or later, you should install the TunesKit M4P Converter for Mac.

For more details on how to crack DRM from Apple Music and iTunes M4P, you can follow this complete tutorial: How to Unlock DRM Copy Protection from Apple Music M4P Streams >>

Remove DRM Lock from iTunes M4V Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos

As one of the largest online stores selling digital copies of movies and TV episodes worldwide, iTunes ecosystem, regardless of the DRM copy right, has made it convenient for customers to pick up any hot movie piece in minutes. In order to get the full control of the purchased or even rented movies from iTunes, you need to use a third-party iTunes DRM removal tool to decrypt the DRM. The magic M4V media converter we are talking about here is TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac (Windows). It’s an all-in-one DRM cracker that was designed to easily strip DRM protection from iTunes movies (rented and purchased), TV series, as well as music videos while converting the DRM-ed M4V videos to non-DRM MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, AAC and other common media formats. It supports lossless conversion for the iTunes M4V movies to MP4 and M4V formats. That’s to say, it will keep the original quality, including AC3 5.1 audio, subtitles, Closed Captions, AD, etc. so that you can enjoy the same lossless quality as the original movies even after the DRM is removed.

To see how to losslessly convert the DRM-ed iTunes movies to non-DRM M4V, please visit this source page: How to Losslessly Remove DRM from iTunes M4V >>

Kill DRM from iBooks ePub eBooks

Because of the DRM protection, the books sold from iBooks store, unlike the common ePub files, are only recognizable by Apple’s devices. If you want to read the iBooks on other eBook readers, such as Amazon Kindle, or Nook, you’ll have to firstly bypass the DRM protection from those ePub books with some useful iBooks DRM removal applications, such as TunesKit DRM iBook Copy for Mac, a powerful and smart DRM cracker for iBooks on Mac. It’s able to remove DRM from eBooks with .epub and .ibooks extensions you purchased from iBooks or iTunes store. Once the DRM is unlocked from the books, you can freely convert the DRM-free iBooks to Mobi, AZW3, PDF or other popular eBook formats with Calibre eBook converter freeware.

You can find the complete guide on how to get DRM-free copies of iBooks ePub from this article: How to Remove DRM from iBooks >>

Convert iTunes M4A, M4B Audiobooks

For iTunes users who have saved a large number of audiobooks with DRM, you can get rid of the DRM copy protection from the iTunes audiobooks with the help of TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac). It’s capable of removing DRM and converting the iTunes M4B, M4A audio books to unprotected MP3, AAC, M4B, M4A, WAV, FLAC formats for playback on any popular audio device. It will keep the chapter info for the audiobooks if you select the output format as M4A. Aside from converting the iTunes audiobooks to MP3 and other formats, this professional audiobook solution also supports Audible AA and AAX audiobooks.

Wondering how it performs in cracking DRM from the iTunes audiobooks, here you go: How to Convert iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3 >>

Original source:


TunesKit M4V Converter Full Review – Best Tool to Remove DRM from iTunes

iTunes FairPlay DRM copy protection makes us impossible to play purchased iTunes movies or TV shows on non-Apple devices unless we get rid of the DRM lock from the protected videos by using third-party iTunes DRM removal tools. When talking about the top-leading iTunes DRM remover, you can’t miss TunesKit DRM M4V Converter, a standout powerful DRM removal software and iTunes video converter developed to bypass DRM restriction from iTunes M4V rentals and purchases while converting the DRM-protected M4V videos tolossless MP4, M4V, and other common DRM-free video formats. It could be one of the best and fastest iTunes DRM M4V video converter tools currently in the market.

Here we’ll give TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac a full review on how it performs to remove DRM from iTunes videos step by step and from different parts, including the user interface, conversion, output quality, etc.

Getting Started – Introduction to TunesKit DRM M4V Converter

System Requirements

This smart DRM iTunes M4V converter is available in both Mac and Windows versions. It’s fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 as well as the most up-to-date macOS 10.12 Sierra, while the Windows version of TunesKit DRM Media Converter works perfectly on all Windows OS including XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10. Till the time when we writing this review, it completely supports the latest iTunes 12.5.3 as well.

User Interface


First of all, the user interface of TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter for Mac is well designed with simple and neat buttons. It’s easy to understand and operate even for beginners who are non-technical to computers. Overall, the clean appearance makes using this iTunes DRM cracker for Mac intuitive and easy to use than any other similar iTunes DRM removal tools.

Converting iTunes M4V Videos

Conversion Process

As an all-in-one FairPlay DRM killer, TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter is able to completely unlock DRM restriction from both iTunes M4V movie rentals and purchases. It’s supposed to strip DRM from iTunes videos by convert the M4V files to non-DRM media formats, such as lossless MP4, M4V, HD MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. It works at up to 30X super faster speed while preserving all subtitles and audio tracks in output media files. Now let’s take a look at how to use TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac to convert DRM-ed iTunes M4V to DRM-free formats.

The whole process to remove DRM from iTunes with TunesKit is combined with three simple steps only: adding files, adjusting output settings, and converting the iTunes videos. After launching TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac, it will launch iTunes automatically and hide iTunes in the task bar. It provides users two ways to add iTunes movies to convert. We can just click “Add Files” button in the top center, then a window will pop up from which we can see a list of all iTunes movie files. Here we can choose the movies or TV shows we want to convert and click OK to load them into TunesKit conversion window. The other method to add iTunes M4V videos to TunesKit is drag-and-drop.


Now all movies we need to convert are listed in TunesKit properly with movie title, time length, file size, etc. Before we start to strip the DRM off, we are allowed to customize the settings according to our own needs. By clicking the Audio and Subtitle option next to the movie info, we can choose the target audio tracks and subtitles as we wish. Then we move to the bottom left to select the output format. TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac supports a large number of popular video and audio formats, including MP4, M4V, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG, FLV, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, and others. In addition, it provides various preset media devices, like Apple devices, Android phones and tablets, etc. Here we pick “lossless MP4” as output since it will keep output quality as the same with original movies by retaining the CC, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, AD track, multilingual subtitles, etc. The last step before start conversion is to choose the output folder by clicking Output option next to the format.


To start the conversion, simply click the “Convert” button at the bottom right of the program. Then it will begin removing DRM from the iTunes movies and converting the M4V files to lossless MP4 as expected. The progress bar will then display in the cover photo of the movie to show us the conversion status.


Conversion Speed & Quality

The conversion performance of TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac is excellent as it turns out that the speed is up to 30X possible while at the same time it produces DRM-free MP4 videos in lossless quality. It takes only around 5 minutes to convert a 1 hour and a half movie. What the iTunes video actually looks like after converted? Is it lossless as advertised? To make it clearer, we are putting the screenshots of both original iTunes movie and the converted video together to compare the output quality difference.

Original M4V movie in iTunes:


Converted iTunes video:


It’s hard to tell the difference, right? Then how about the subtitle? Is it being kept in the DRM-free video? The following snapshot will answer it:



TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter is highly recommended if you are frustrated by the restrictions of FairPlay DRM or need a media toolbox to convert the iTunes videos to common media so as to enjoy the iTunes movies on non-Apple devices.


  • * Easy-to-use interface
  • * Support iTunes movie purchases and rentals
  • * Good file formats support
  • * Provide lossless output video
  • * Keep CC, AC3 5.1 audio, AD tracks
  • * Very impressive conversion speed


  • * Doesn’t support iTunes Extras
  • * Output profiles should be improved

> Download TunesKit for Mac <<     | >> Download TunesKit for Windows <<

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TunesKit Upgraded DRM M4V Converter for Mac to Support More Output Profiles


TunesKit Studio releases TunesKit DRM Converter for Mac 3.0.1, an important update to their popular DRM removal solution for OS X. Get full control over the media items you legally purchased from iTunes Store. With this new release, users can easily remove the DRM lock from iTunes videos while converting the protected M4V files to unprotected videos, including MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, MKV, FLV, as well as MP3, M4A, AAC and other audio formats.

As the industry-leading DRM removal solutions provider, TunesKit Studio recently released a major update of its featured iTunes DRM Media Converter for Mac to v.3.0.1 with more impressive features introduced, including more output media formats, preset profiles of popular devices, re-designed new user interface, etc. Now with the newest version of TunesKit M4V Converter for Mac, users can easily remove DRM lock from iTunes rented and purchased videos while converting the encrypted M4V files to DRM-free MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPG, and other common video and even audio formats with lossless quality.

Differs from the previous versions that can only convert DRM-ed iTunes movies to lossless DRM-free MP4, the latest release of TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac v.3.0.1 adds full support to more popular output media formats, such as MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPG, 3GP, FLV, SWF videos, as well as common audios, like MP3, AAC, M4A , etc. It still supports 1080P full HD iTunes movies conversion while keeping the original video quality, AC3 5.1 surround audio, closed captions for lossless MP4 and M4V output. Besides, it allows users to customize the output video and audio parameters, such as the bit rate, codec, size, channel, etc.

The updated TunesKit DRM Media Converter also adds multiple preset output profiles for popular mobile devices, including Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, PS4, Xbox 360, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, and other Android phones or tablets. Thanks to those convenient ready-made profiles, TunesKit users could now transfer the iTunes M4V videos to any media playing devices for watching more easily.

The other big change of the new DRM Media Converter is the brand new user interface. In order to make it more clean and easy-to-use, TunesKit developers re-designed the interface with simpler layout, larger operation window and neat buttons. Any user can handle the software with ease, even for those who are not skillful to computers. It only takes a few clicks to get rid of DRM completely from a protected iTunes video file.

In addition to those major updates, TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac also fixed some minor bugs and optimized the product performance as well. Despite of the new benefits, some long existing great features, like the 30X faster conversion speed, and batch conversion are also retained in the new version. With all these stunning features, TunesKit iTunes DRM M4V Converter for Mac is expected to provide users a better DRM removal experience.

Till now, TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac is fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X EI Capitan 10.11.6, 10.10, 10.9 and 10.8 with the latest iTunes v.12.4 installed. And it will get frequent updates to support every new upcoming release of Mac OS and iTunes version.

According to Andres, the product manager of TunesKit, similar update for their Windows version of DRM Media Converter is under progress now and will be launched very soon.

More about TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac

TunesKit for Mac is one of the best iTunes DRM removal tools in the world specially designed to easily and completely remove FairPlay DRM encryption from purchased and rented iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos by converting the protected MPEG-4, well known as M4V, to unprotected media formats, such as MP4, M4V (non-DRM), MOV, AVI, FLV, SWF, MPG, 3GP, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. with high quality. By adopting an advanced DRM decrypting technology, this smart iTunes DRM cracker is also able to keep the original AC3 5.1 surround audio, closed captions, and multilingual subtitles as you like. It could be the ultimate iTunes DRM removal solution that empowers you get away from FairPlay DRM lock and ever since get full control over the media items you legally purchased from iTunes store.

TunesKit DRM M4V Converter Fully Supports Mac OS X 10.11.6 Now

In order to fully support the latest beta release of Mac OS X 10.11.6, TunesKit studio upgraded its featured DRM Media Converter for Mac to v.2.9.2. Mac users can now upgrade their TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac to the latest version to remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V movies and TV shows on Mac OS X 10.11.6 beta.

Although the official release of Mac EI Capitan 10.11.6 is yet to come, many TunesKit users who have already upgraded to the 10.11.6 beta reported some problems in using TunesKit DRM M4V Converter to remove DRM from iTunes movies on the specific Mac OS X version. The common issue is that the output iTunes video files by TunesKit have no image or green screen with only audio tracks while playing back. In order to fix the problem, TunesKit R&D team keeps working and finally get the solution after repeatedly testing. Now with the newest v.2.9.2 of TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac, users are able to easily and completely strip DRM off from iTunes movie rentals and purchases without problem as before.

Now all Mac users can get the most up-to-date version of TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac from the official website or using the built-in auto-upgrading feature within the program.

Official link:

More About TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac

TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac is an all-in-one iTunes DRM removal solution for Mac users that is developed to crack DRM lock from iTunes videos, including the protected music videos, movie rentals and purchases, and TV episodes. While bypassing the DRM restriction from the M4V files, this smart DRM remover is also able to convert the protected M4V videos to common MP4 format with 100% original quality preserved. That’s to say, it can keep the original AAC stereo audio, AC3 5.1 Dolby sound, subtitles, closed captions, etc. in the output DRM-free video files. It works at 20x faster speed due to the advanced and innovative DRM decryption method. Once the DRM is successfully cracked from the iTunes media, customers won’t be restricted by the limit any more so that they can enjoy any iTunes movie on non-Apple devices as they like.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V on Mac 10.11.6 with TunesKit

It only takes a few steps to completely bypass DRM control from iTunes movies or episodes by using TunesKit DRM Media Converter.

  1. Install TunesKit v.2.9.2 on Mac OS X 10.11.6 or lower.
  2. Launch TunesKit and add the iTunes M4V videos by clicking “Add Files” button.
  3. Click “Convert” button to start to remove DRM from iTunes files.

Top 3 Best DRM Removal Software for Mac and Windows


Admit it or not, DRM has made it impossible for us to freely enjoy movies and songs in our daily lives. Therefore, many people are seeking for the best solutions to bypass the DRM protection once and for all. In order to save your time and help you choose the best DRM removal tool from various similar programs, we are here introducing you the top 3 DRM media converter that are able to remove DRM restriction from iTunes, Amazon, WMC, BBC, etc on Mac and Windows systems.

Now let’s simply get started from what DRM is and why we need to remove DRM for good.

What’s DRM Protection

DRM, known as Digital Rights Management, is an anti-piracy technology adopted by digital copyright owners to restrict the use of their digital materials by others. The purpose of DRM is to prevent people from duplicating and sharing copyrighted movies, music, software, etc to any other platforms the owners don’t like them to.

Why We Need to Remove DRM

Apparently, DRM has largely restricted our freedom in enjoying digital content. Therefore, it’s urgent to get rid of the DRM and gain the full ownership of media files we legally purchased. We’ve put together the main reasons why we need to remove DRM as below:

  •   We are restricted to use purchased media contents only on certain devices;
  •   We are not allowed to edit video or audio even we have paid for it;
  •  We are controlled by sellers over every aspect of what to do with the media;
  •  We may lose what we have paid for if the sellers stop running the media files.

Top 3 DRM Removal Tools – Remove DRM from iTunes, Amazon, WMC

The following article is going to list you the top 3 best DRM decryption software for Mac and Windows to crack DRM lock from iTunes, Windows Media Center, Amazon, Xbox Live Store, etc. So if you need to unlock the DRM restriction from protected media files, you can simply refer to the recommendations below to pick the one you like to remove the DRM and convert the DRM-ed video or audio files to any plain format thus to enjoy them on multiple portable devices, such as Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone and others.

TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter (Mac & Windows) – $44.95

Being the fastest and smarted iTunes DRM remover in the world, TunesKit DRM Video Converter is able to strip DRM protection from both iTunes M4V movie rentals and purchases at 20x faster speed. Besides, it’s able to convert the DRM protected M4V to MP4 format with 100% original video quality, 5.1 surround sound and subtitles kept. With TunesKit FairPlay DRM Video Converter, you are able to enjoy rented or purchased iTunes movies and TV shows on almost all media playing devices, such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Amazon Kindle, Nokia, and so on.

Note: If you have any need to remove DRM from protected audiobooks from iTunes or Audible, TunesKit DRM Audiobook Converter (Mac & Windows) could help you get it done easily.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter (Windows) – $ 35.95

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter for Windows is the most versatile DRM removal software to convert any file format with DRM protection. With this Windows DRM media converter, you can say goodbye to all the frustrations that you had encountered with DRM protected media files, including the video and audio files downloaded from sites such as iTunes, Amazon, BBC, Nokia Music store, etc. Besides, you can convert almost all DRM-ed videos and audios, like M4V, WMV, ASF, AA, M4A, M4B, M4P, M4R to DRM-free MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, MP3, MPEG, etc by using this magic DRM remover tool for Windows.

ePubor eBook DRM Removal (Mac & Windows) – $ 24.99

ePubor eBook DRM Converter is an all-purpose eBook DRM Removal and eBook Converter software for both Mac and Windows users. It can remove DRM protection from all eBook sold by any retailers, including Amazon Kindle, Sony, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, etc. It also performs as an eBook Converter to convert eBooks between a wide range of eBook formats and for all popular eBook reader devices or software.

Extended Reading – Different DRM Technologies You Should Know

Apple’s FairPlay DRM Copyright Protection for iTunes

There are different kinds of DRM technologies actually. Among them, the most famous one is Apple’s FairPlay. It is originally created by Apple and mainly used to encrypt iTunes contents, including movies, TV shows, music videos, apps, ebooks, etc thus to prevent anyone from playing the media files on non-Apple devices. Worse still, due to FairPlay DRM, users who rent movies from iTunes Store only get one month to watch the films and 24 hours (in US) or 48 hours (in other countries) to finish watching it once started.

DRM Protection from Windows Media Center, Amazon

Like FairPlay used by Apple, Amazon and Microsoft also adopt DRM technology to encrypt media files sold from its online digital store. We are not allowed to transfer or play media files, including WMA, WMV, AA, etc purchased from Amazon Instant Video or Windows Media Center.

CSS DRM Encryption on DVD Discs

DRM protection added to DVDs may be the earliest DRM system introduced by content providers. It was named Content Scrambling System (CSS). The CSS encryption still exists now in many DVDs. It encrypts the DVD disc and protects it from copying. Manufacturers of DVD players must be authorized by the DRM content provider to play their DVD content. More DRM encryption like DeCSS, AACS, RCE are developed later to encrypt DVD Films.

How to Share iTunes M4V Videos to Facebook Page

Q: I recently purchased some iTunes movies and would like to upload to my Facebook page to share with my friends. However, it won’t allow me upload the iTunes movies to Facebook videos by prompting an error message saying that the iTunes video format is not supported. So how can I upload iTunes videos to Facebook?

This could be a common problem for people who like to share iTunes movies with others. You’ll always find it’s impossible to copy or share any iTunes movie and TV episode to non-Apple devices or platforms. Why? Well, it’s because Apple has developed a DRM technology called FairPlay to protect the iTunes media content, including the movies, TV shows, Apple Music, audiobooks, etc. For the iTunes movies, Apple has encoded them as M4V format that can only be well recognised by Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. That’s why you can’t freely share or upload the iTunes M4V videos to Facebook, or YouTube or any other devices. But is there still any possibility to share the DRM-protected iTunes M4V files to Facebook? Congratulations! The answer is yes. In this case, to upload iTunes M4V videos to Facebook, you can use some professional iTunes DRM removal tools to firstly bypass the DRM lock from iTunes M4V movies before uploading. Here you meet TunesKit iTunes DRM M4V Converter (Mac/Windows).

TunesKit iTunes M4V to Facebook Converter

This iTunes DRM M4V to Facebook converter is specially made to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies and TV shows       and convert the DRM-ed M4V videos to DRM-free MP4 format with lossless quality preserved. It also works at 20x faster speed in removing the DRM off. By using this smart iTunes DRM M4V Converter, you are able to freely share any iTunes movie to Facebook and other non-Apple-approved platforms without any limit at all.

Now you can download the proper version of TunesKit iTunes M4V Converter and begin to learn how to upload iTunes DRM M4V movies to Facebook page with the following tutorial.

How to Remove iTunes DRM & Upload M4V Movies to Facebook

1. Add iTunes Movies

You can click “Add Files” button to import the iTunes movies to TunesKit. Or you can directly drag and drop the files to the converter.

2. Adjust Output Settings

You can click the “settings” icon to choose the output folder, AC3 audio track and subtitles as you like.

3. Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

Now you can start to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V to MP4 by clicking “Convert” button.

4. Upload iTunes Movies to Facebook

Once the iTunes movies are successfully converted to MP4, you can find the DRM-free movies converted from the target folder and upload them to Facebook account with ease.

How to Choose A Good iTunes DRM M4V Converter

It’s important for iTunes users who want to remove DRM lock from movies purchased or rented from iTunes store to find out a great iTunes DRM M4V Converter. But since there are so many similar iTunes DRM removal tools claiming to easily remove DRM off from iTunes M4V, it’s more difficult to choose the best iTunes DRM M4V Converter from a huge amount of choices. But don’t worry. We will now in the article to show you what to consider when choosing an iTunes DRM M4V Converter from different parts.

Supported iTunes Video Files

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best iTunes M4V converter for you has something to do with the video sources that you want to strip DRM from. If you only have a lot of iTunes M4V movie purchases, then a DRM M4V Converter that only supports purchased iTunes videos is enough for you since it will always be cheaper than the one that works for both iTunes M4V rentals and purchases. But if you are used to renting iTunes movies, then you have to choose iTunes converter that supports not only rentals but also the purchases since there’s no such a iTunes DRM M4V Converter only works with iTunes rentals. Currently the existing iTunes DRM M4V Converter in the market are all supposed to convert iTunes M4V purchases. But only a few of them are able to remove DRM from both rented and purchased iTunes movies.

Performing Speed

Another important fact to consider for a great iTunes DRM M4V converter should be the conversion speed. Currently most of the available iTunes video converter in the world adopt the recording technology to remove DRM from iTunes movies. That’s to say, the M4V DRM remover will record and capture the image and audio of the iTunes M4V files in the background while decrypting the DRM from the videos. The drawback of this technology is that such kind of iTunes DRM M4V Converter would work as long as the original movie’s length to convert the whole file. You’ll wait for about hours to get each file totally converted if the original iTunes movie is hours long. So you can image how long it will take if you have a lot of movies to convert at once. But fortunately, there are also a few iTunes DRM M4V Converter that could work at super high speed, like 20-30x faster in removing DRM from those files for they adopts advanced DRM decryption technique instead of the recording one. Due to the higher conversion speed, those innovative iTunes DRM Converter will always be more expensive than the traditional ones.

Output Video Quality

Although most of the iTunes DRM M4V Converter in the market claims to remove DRM from iTunes movie easily, not all of them could satisfy you with high-quality output videos as good as the original videos. So you’d better try those iTunes DRM Converter before you buying it to see whether the generated DRM-free iTunes videos meet your needs or not.

Ease of Use

This one may not be as important as the previous two parts, but it should also be taken into consideration while choosing the best DRM M4V converter for iTunes. An easy-to-use iTunes video converter could not only save a lot of time in operating the conversion, but also make you feel comfortable while converting the iTunes videos.

Suggestion & Recommendation

After reading those tips in choosing a best iTunes DRM Video Converter for your needs, you may begin to wonder whether there are some top DRM removing tools for iTunes M4V that we can recommend for you. Yes, we are glad to introduce one of the best iTunes M4V Video Converter to you for removing DRM lock from both rented and purchased iTunes M4V movies. It’s TunesKit DRM M4V Converter (Mac & Windows) that is specially developed to strip DRM from iTunes M4V rentals and purchases while converting the DRM-ed M4V to DRM-free formats, such as MP4. The conversion speed of TunesKit is up to 20x faster speed which will save a lot of your time. Besides, by adopting an innovative DRM removing technique, it will keep the original AC3 5.1 audio, subtitles without any quality loss. What’s more, it’s easy-to-use with intuitive and clear interface. Everyone can handle the M4V conversion within a few clicks only.

3 Best iTunes DRM Removal Freeware (Mac & Windows) – Remove FairPlay DRM

What Is FairPlay DRM & Why We need to Remove DRM

When you buy or rent a movie from iTunes Store, you will find that you are restricted to play it on iTunes compatible software or devices only. In this case, you are caught in FairPlay DRM protection. Technologically speaking, FairPlay DRM is a way adopted by Apple to control the use of media content, including songs, movies, TV episodes and music videos in iTunes after sale. Being encrypted by FairPlay, all video and audio files downloaded from iTunes are not allowed to be directly played on any other digital video playing devices but only Apple’s. For customers who rent movies or TV shows from iTunes Store, they can keep the rentals for one month only and 24 hours to finish watching it once started.

Since FairPlay, to some extent, largely infringes buyers’ rights to enjoy the legally purchased movies in their own ways, many people are seeking for the solution to get rid of FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes videos.

How to Remove FairPlay DRM Protection from iTunes Purchases 

In order to crack the DRM lock from iTunes media files, you will need the help of exclusive tools such as iTunes DRM removal software. Fortunately, there are indeed a plenty of such kind of programs would do the job well. Except some paid ones like TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover, some freeware for FairPlay DRM removal are worth mentioning too.

So if you are annoyed by the DRM and need it badly to remove the FairPlay from your iTunes collection of movies, TV episodes, songs or books, you can refer to the following content to find out the best 3 free iTunes DRM removal applications we collected for you to gain the full ownership of iTunes media files you purchased legally.

Top 3 Best FairPlay DRM Removal Freeware for iTunes

  1. Requiem – Best iTunes DRM Video Converter Freeware

As an easy-to-use yet powerful free application that removes FairPlay DRM from songs, videos, and iBooks purchased on iTunes, Requiem is the most well-known FairPlay DRM removal freeware among iTunes users. It enables you decrypt the audio and video data in iTunes files by authenticating with the DRM library using the secret credentials used by iTunes itself. Once the DRM is unlocked, you are free to play the DRM-free iTunes media files to any portable devices as you like.

However, the disadvantage of Requiem is that it can’t crack DRM from iTunes movie rentals but only purchases. What’s worse, it has stopped upgrading for a long time since v.4.2. So you can’t use it on Mac OS X 10.8 or systems beyond that.

**To remove DRM from rented iTunes movies on Mac OS X 10.8 or later, turn toTunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac.

  1. myFairTunes – Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Audio

As we know, Apple dropped the FairPlay DRM from iTunes music in 2009. But for people who purchased iTunes songs before that time, you may still need to kill the DRM from those music files stored in your library. In this case, you will need myFairTunes app that empowers you to unlock FairPlay-encrypted songs and albums for free. It generates DRM-free iTunes songs by simply converting the DRM-ed M4P music files to plain MP3 format.

Despite of the user-friendly interface and small size, this iTunes DRM audio converter is available in Windows version only. And like Requiem, it also stopped updates and requires 7.0.5 or earlier.

  1. FairGame – Strip DRM from iTunes AAC Audio

If you are running a Mac machine and want to remove FairPlay encryption from iTunes audiobooks, then FairGame iTunes DRM music converter would be the best choice. By decrypting the DRM from iTunes AAC audio books, it enables you to enjoy any iTunes protected audio books on as many players as you like with ID tags preserved.

Sum Up

As you can see above, all those three iTunes DRM remover work in different ways to remove FairPlay from iTunes videos, songs and audio books. You can choose the one that best meets your requirements in FairPlay DRM removal. But if you expect more functions and frequent upgrades of the software, you’d better switch to some paid solutions, like TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac mentioned above.